#FeelTheLove WorldWide Movement

The Powerful Blend of Culture, Music and Digital that drove over
TT$85,000 in donations in the Month of Love (May 2020)


A partnership between DJ Private Ryan, Freetown Collective & Caribbean Ideas Synapse

Within a few months into 2020, drastic social and economic changes began happening in the lives of persons in Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the world. The moment the first local COVID-19 case was confirmed in March, measures to #SlowTheSpread were activated.

The following few months saw a closure of businesses that were deemed non-essential. Masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing practices became a part of the citizenry’s “New Normal”.

Unfortunately, the ripple effects of Covid-19 would also mean significant financial struggles for many families who were now experiencing a lack of income due to job loss or salary cuts. As a result, an air of frustration blanketed our nation.

Triggered by this context and inspired by DJ Private Ryan and Freetown Collective’s song, “Feel the Love”, the #FeelTheLove Movement was born. The initiative was organized and executed by our agency in partnership with DJ Private Ryan and Freetown Collective.  May was dubbed the Month of Love and was dedicated to sharing a much-needed positive message through a series of virtual cultural events and content.

Each event would seek to drive the main call-to-action: Donate funds to families in need via the www.feeltheloveworldwide.com website.

The Month of Love consisted of:

  • The Main Soca Brainwash Fundraising Event
  • The Day of Love Event
  • Weekly Live IG events hosted by DJ Private Ryan and Freetown Collective
  • Loveable + Shareable Content

The Main Soca Brainwash Fundraising Event

Month of Love poster

DJ Private Ryan’s signature Carnival event, Soca Brainwash became the main vehicle that drove donations for the Month of Love.

On the 9th May 2020, the live virtual event saw over 10,000+ users from over 74 countries! It featured DJs from around the world such as…

  • Soca Prince (Toronto)
  • Riggo Sauve (Panama/NYC)
  • Ryan Sayeed (Miami)
  • Kevin Crown (Grenada/NYC)
  • Jester (Toronto/St. Kitts)

In the midst of the good musical vibes, attendees were prompted to take action by donating on the site. Thanks to WiPay’s involvements, the idea of digital fundraising in a local context was demystified and made possible.

The Day of Love

The campaign ended on a high musical note with the ‘Day of Love’. In one virtual space on the 7th June 2020, over 2000 users from 43 countries enjoyed live performances from Rheon Elbourne, Preedy, Nailah Blackman, Kerwin Dubois, Private Ryan, Teddyson John, Freetown Collective, Kes and DJ Jester.

Weekly Events

To keep the main message of the initiative in motion weekly, Freetown Collective and DJ Private Ryan hosted live musical events on their Instagram profiles on Thursday and Friday consecutively.

A Page Dedicated to Sharing the Love on Social

At our agency, we believe in the power of content and storytelling to drive our clients’ business objectives; however, we are even more invested in its power to drive a social good.

With this conviction in our hearts, our team of graphic designers created 5 different content pieces that reflected the #FeelTheLove message. The content was featured on a landing page hosted on our website: https://getsynapse.agency/feelthelove/

AR IG Filters: #StaySafe while you #ShareTheLove

Consider the wearing of a mask as a signature action of the Covid-19 pandemic. Mandated by the World Health Organisation, masks continue to be a viable line of defence in slowing the spread of the virus.

Throughout the Month of Love, we wanted to do our part in encouraging the behaviour even though the initiative was largely digital. Users were able to access a #FeeltheLove AR mask filter on their IG stories.

During the main and weekly events, attendees threw on their virtual masks and partied safely.



5.5 k





The Results

TT$85,000 raised!

We are believers: Our music and culture are mobilizing forces. They get you on your feet, they fill your spirits with meaning and when digital is included in the equation, it has the undeniable power to effect change on a global level.

Through the campaign, we’ve seen how it has sparked positive online conversations, gave persons a reason to enjoy a moment even within a stressful quarantine period and united hearts from around the world around one mission that sought to bring relief to families.

We’d love to see what more the powerful blend of Culture, Music and Digital can do.

Many thanks to:

The Foundation for the Enhancement and Enrichment of Live (FEEL) for aiding in the packaging and distribution of hampers.

And all the attendees who gave from their hearts at this time.

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