Win your market shift

You’re not the
typical marketer.

Your courage, curiosity and willingness to buck tradition set you apart.

But the journey you’re on isn’t easy. In fact, it’s tougher than ever to be a marketer.

You’ve got diverse, hyper-connected customers with dwindling attention spans.  Your messages must seamlessly cross a dizzying array of channels.  Every day there are new technologies, practices and datasets to understand and master.

And there’s constant pressure to deliver return on investment (ROI).

But there’s good news.
We can help!

To win your market shift, your marketing needs to be integrated, your brand stories need to stand out, and you need to excel across the entire customer lifecycle.

At Caribbean Ideas Synapse, we’ve reimagined the advertising agency to support marketers who are working hard to master today’s rapidly evolving world.

We craft integrated marketing solutions designed to help you more effectively tell your brand story across channels to keep customers coming in and boost loyalty.

We’re a great fit if you crave accountable, results-focused collaborators to partner deeply with you on your growth journey.

We’ll help you deliver results through integrated marketing that blends strategy, data, creative, and brand storytelling.

What we’re great at

It’s impossible for an advertising agency to be great at all services for all industry sectors. So we don’t try to pretend we are. It’s just not fair to our clients.

We’ve made the decision to be a more focused agency partner, helping to solve some key challenges, while operating within key industry centers of excellence.

We believe that you should be the hero of your own story.

Marketing Challenges We Solve

Brand Storytelling
Engagement & Loyalty
Customer Acquisition

Industry Centres of Excellence

Consumer Goods
Media & Entertainment
Tech & Telecom
Financial Services
Services Sector
Retail & E-commerce


Content Strategy

Marketing Team Training

Inbound / Acquisition Marketing


Brand & PR Strategy

Content Production & Distribution

Media Planning & Buying


Digital & Inbound Strategy

Creative Campaigns

In-Person Brand Activations


Our Process

Our team partners closely with you to help you deliver eye-catching results. Here’s how we do the heavy lifting.

Mind-Meld / Align

We’ll work with you to define and align on the key objectives, focus buyer personas, and performance indicators (KPIs) that will drive our engagement.


We’ll collaborate closely with your team, review available market data and / or conduct research to build a deep understanding of your customers, competitors, unique market reality and value proposition.


We’ll work with you and across our team to craft a customised strategy that highlights the key messages, content and channels that will be deployed to achieve your business goals.



Our team of experts across digital, creative, content, acquisition & engagement will deploy our pre-agreed solutions in partnership with you.



We’ll closely review and analyze observed results to give you insight into performance across all strategies and tactics.



Test and learn is the foundation of modern, data-driven marketing. We’ll work with you to optimize tactics and approaches, to maximize performance and provide insights that make organizations and teams stronger.

Let’s Win Together.

Ready for the Synapse Experience? Start getting results today.

“When we started our journey with Synapse, I was asked to grow the social media audience from zero. By June of that year, we were 10 thousand before the end of the fiscal year. We relied on their expertise to guide us to where we need to get to. I have never not met a target since.”

Karen McSween
Marketing Manager, Business Segments
Republic Bank Limited
“We just came off of a very successful Integrated NBA campaign with Synapse. We do a brand health read every six months and after the campaign, we scored a full point higher than we’ve ever scored before. That in itself reinforces that we have chosen the right partner in Caribbean Ideas Synapse.”
Douglas St. Hill
Country Manager,
Molson Coors International (CARICOM)

Let’s build an amazing partnership.

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