May 1-31

Freetown Collective
DJ Private Ryan
Caribbean Ideas Synapse

Can you feel the LOVE that’s in the air?

(We do!)

The Covid-19 pandemic has made life a lot more tough for families in T&T. In collaboration with DJ Private Ryan and Freetown, we’re on a mission to raise funds to support them through the Feel the Love Movement.

We’ve also made it easy to help you #ShareTheLove on your social during this month and any other time you want to make a difference.

Here’s How You Can Jump On Board:

  1. Download your favourite images and videos below
  2. Upload to any social media platform of your choice
  3. Create a meaningful caption from your heart
  4. Feel free to tag us @weare.synapse on IG or Get Synapsed on Facebook
  5. Help create the Feel The Love community by including the hashtags #feeltheloveworlwide and #ShareTheLove2020

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