When a social media app amasses over 1 billion downloads in one year, engages over 500 million active users a month and has an engagement rate of 29%, a question naturally pops up in the mind of the curious marketer:  

“Should I be paying attention to this app for my digital marketing strategy?”  

Well Caribbean Marketers, Tik Tok is that fledging social media app and we at Synapse believe it’s definitely one for regional brands to keep their eyes on (especially if you’re seeking to connect with Generation Z) 

In fact, its growing user base positions it as the 4th most popular social media app after Facebook, Youtube and Instagram 

That’s more popular than SnapChat, Twitter and LinkedIn!  

As you begin to wrap your mind around how you can potentially leverage TIK TOK to meet some of your business goals in the near future, we’re serving you up with a quick guide to help you:  

  1. Grasp what it is 
  1. Understand why we think it’s worthy of your attention 
  1. Discover the advertising opportunity 

So, let’s dig into the basics, What exactly is Tik Tok? 

It’s the newest obsession for young persons between the ages of 15-24. When a user logs in, they’re able to record, edit, and share short, looping 15 or 60 second videos with fancy overlays, sound and visual effects.  

If you’re thinking that it sounds similar to Musical.ly, you’ve got the right train of thought. ByteDance, a Chinese owned company that specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning acquired Musical.ly and merged it with what is now known as Tik Tok. It uses superb image recognition capabilities which allows the user to interact with unique filters.  

Okay, so now that you know more about Tik Tok…  

Here’s why we think you should be paying attention…  

Once done strategically and authentically, you have an opportunity to connect with the generation that will dominate the global population in a few years…  

Let’s just say that the term millennial is no longer a blanket statement for young persons. Generation Z is on the rise and if you haven’t been planning for this demographic in your integrated strategies, then check this out 

By the end of 2019, Generation Z will have overtaken Millennials in numbers and will make up 32% of the global population. As Gen Z become more prominent consumers, holding an incredible $100 billion in buying power, it is essential for brands to be able to reach and engage with this age group.” – Forbes 2018.  

With 60 % of the app’s users falling within the 16-24 age group and spending an average of 52 minutes a day, without a doubt it’s a great opportunity to connect with this internet-dependent generation. 

While there isn’t any available data on how many Caribbean Zennials’ are on the app, based on hashtag views we’re assuming that there is an active regional community. The astounding figures below speak for themselves.

This signals that Tik Tok is being used by a young Caribbean demographic in a big way! If brand awareness and engagement within this age group is a goal of yours, integrating the platform into your marketing strategy can be a good fit for you.

What Marketing Looks Like On the Platform 

We’ll be honest, we haven’t executed any marketing on Tik Tok for our clients yet but we’ve been seeing brands of the world finding success in a couple of avenues. There are a couple of resources we felt can help you explore the advertising power of the platform.  


So Should My Brand be On Tik Tok?” 

Perhaps this is the big question that’s on your mind. As the fastest growing app in the social media world, it’s definitely worth the wonder.

Our advice to you would be to experiment; download the app, create a profile, explore how consumers are using the platform, examine the way other brands within your industry are engaging with their core audiences, create your first video.  

After you gain a feel for the app, form your opinion on whether it’s a good idea to start your brand’s Tik Tok journey. 

We think it’s worth the experiment.  


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