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We feel your pain.

Having overburdened creative production teams doesn’t just suck. It’s risky. As agency owners in the Caribbean for the past 15 years, we understand how over-stressed production teams can create challenges for small and mid-size agencies. 

You work super hard to find great creative talent, but when the production pipeline backs up, everyone walks away frustrated. 

Finding reliable freelancers is hard.

You try to solve production problems with external freelancers directly or via freelance platforms but that also has big challenges including: 

Frog vs Prince Problem: Finding experienced freelancers who can crank on basic production work and add value when needed is hard. And you’ve got to kiss a lot of them to find the good ones.  

You need extensions of your team: We have ways of working and want to integrate freelancers with in-house teams for better outputs. It’s often tough to manage freelancer schedules & other commitments  

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Managed Creative Solutions from Synapse can help.

Caribbean Ideas Synapse was founded by a Trinidadian-American tech marketing exec & a Trinidadian corp comm & marketing leader in the local financial services industry.   

Based in the Southern Caribbean, our agency has thrived for over 15 years with milestones including being the Caribbean region’s first Hubspot partner agency, creating digital marketing conference brands, and award-winning work with brands including Molson Coors, BP, Republic Bank and many more.  

We understand all too well the challenges of an overburdened creative production team, along with finding the right freelancers to complement your team.   

How we’re solving the challenge. 

Our managed creative solution was built for North American agencies that need retained design and copy help to produce content for inbound/growth marketing and social media projects.  

Serving as an extension of your own team, we source experienced regional designers and content creators with the native English language skills and time zone proximity that makes it easy to collaborate closely with your teams. 

We help you focus your key talent on more strategic creation by executing time-intensive creative assets including: 

Digital ads & campaign creative

White label social media assets including animated gifs and motion graphics


Video Editing: pre & post production

Webinars: pre & post production

Podcast planning and production

Ebooks and whitepapers 

HubSpot Audits

Creative concepts and brand identity or campaign strategy support where needed

All backed by an agency that understands your world, so you don’t have to manage an army of freelancers.  

How it works

First, we get to know each other and explore your unique challenges. Then we’ll build a 3 month pilot plan to free up your creative people and get comfortable with each other. Next, we’ll deep dive into your briefs and clients’ brand guidelines to ensure our work hits their requirements on target. Your requests will be turned over to our creators and subjected to our rigorous internal QA/QC process before being delivered to you. Once the pilot is completed successfully, we can upgrade our relationship to a retainer.

Why it works

Not competitive: We’re an agency too, but we operate in entirely different markets. We’ll never compete for your clients’ business.

Matching time zone: We operate on Eastern Standard Time, making it convenient for North American work

Language Match: We’re all native English speakers

Price Competitive: We’re price competitive relative to similar options in your local market

Experienced & Talented Creatives: Our designers and content creators have over 70 years’ experience combined in core Adobe Creative Suite programs

North American market & marketing knowledge: Our leadership is Caribbean but also experienced working in international markets.

Get Started

Our Retainer Packages

We begin with a 3 month pilot. Post-pilot, our retainer packages are purchased at 6 or 12 month intervals.



Scope executed in 25 hours per month. Monthly review sessions – look back, look forward.



Scope executed in 40 hours per month. Fortnightly review sessions – look back, look forward. (Recommended)


Scope executed in 80 hours per month. Weekly 1 hour review sessions. On-demand support as needed.



Why Retainers? 

CI Synapse’s creative retainers are 3-, 6- or 12-month contracts that provide you with 25-80 hours of service each month. Our retainers afford you unfettered access to a broad range of on-demand design services and a deeply experienced team, saving you the overhead costs related to full-time staff. 

When design requirements arise unexpectedly, need immediate turnaround, vary in volume or frequency, or are produced on a recurring basis but don’t warrant a designer on staff, banking a solid block of hours to service these needs through a creative retainer may be the perfect solution for your business. 

What services are covered by our creative retainers? 

Creative productions include but are not limited to social media collateral, digital ad collateral, content calendars, webinars, video pre- & post-production, podcast recording & editing, website design and maintenance, email template design, research, writing, editing.  

Strategic services include but are not limited to brand storytelling, engagement and loyalty, customer acquisition, interim campaign development and implementation, and overall design project management services.  

 Are your specific needs missing from this list? We’re open to exploring how we can align.  

What is not covered by our creative retainers? 

Incidental expenses such as stock photography licensing, subcontractor fees, printing etc. are not included in the scope of our creative retainers. Before embarking on a project, we will work to identify fees or costs that may be billed in addition to your creative retainer agreement however given the fluid nature of design projects this may not be possible in all cases. 

What if my project uses fewer hours than my contract provides? 

Unused hours can be rolled over into the following month. These rollover hours will expire at the end of that month. In the retainer’s final month, any unused hours are forfeit. Hours accrued in excess of the monthly agreement will be billed at the agreed-upon retainer rate.

Let’s Win Together.

Ready for the Synapse Experience? Start getting results today.

“When we started our journey with Synapse, I was asked to grow the social media audience from zero. By June of that year, we were 10 thousand before the end of the fiscal year. We relied on their expertise to guide us to where we need to get to. I have never not met a target since.”

Karen McSween
Marketing Manager, Business Segments Republic Bank Limited
“We just came off of a very successful Integrated NBA campaign with Synapse. We do a brand health read every six months and after the campaign, we scored a full point higher than we’ve ever scored before. That in itself reinforces that we have chosen the right partner in Caribbean Ideas Synapse.”
Douglas St. Hill
Country Manager, Molson Coors International (CARICOM)

Let’s build an amazing partnership.

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