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Season 2 Episode 3: Ron Johnson: Managing Director Blueprint Creative
Originally Aired: April 19, 2021

Episode 3

Ron Johnson
Managing Director & Co-founder Blueprint Creative

Show Notes:

As Managing Director and co-founder of Blueprint Creative, he leads a team of over 20 designers, copywriters and account executives who are all committed to helping our clients solve their brand-related business challenges. We work with CEOs, marketing teams, HR departments and other business leaders to help their organizations build stronger brands and stronger businesses.

  • His unique method of using HR to carve a company’s brand identity.
  • How he has already begun taking this unique concept beyond the Caribbean
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Chike Farrell

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Chike Farrell

Chike Farrell is the co-founder of Caribbean Ideas Synapse and the VP of Marketing at Skykick. At the heart, he is a passionate entrepreneur who has a desire to see our Caribbean region be recognised in the world for ground-breaking innovations and ideas.

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