Unit Trust – Millenial Acquisition

Client: Trinidad & Tobago Unit Trust Corporation

Identifying the Challenge

Our client was interested in targeting tech-savvy millennials and young professionals residing in Trinidad & Tobago between the ages of 21 to 35.  Previous attempts to communicate with this group had proven challenging, and with a strategic imperative to address what was an ageing customer base, the client engaged our agency. We were asked to conceive of a series of tactics that would help them to reach the identified audiences,  generate high-quality leads and position the brand as an industry thought leader.


Creating the solution

Our account management team met with the client and focused on identifying and aligning on the project’s key performance indicators (KPIs). We identified an opportunity to adopt an inbound marketing strategy that would utilise helpful content with an emphasis on the Awareness and Consideration stages of the buyer’s journey.  We convinced the client that value-adding content, coupled with optimised landing pages and targeted advertising support would yield the best results. We produced a total of 6 blogs, 1 eGuide and 2 newsletters as part of a trial Inbound Marketing pilot aimed at delivering an end to end solution that would meet the client’s goals.

Acquisition and Brand Differentiation

As one of the largest regional providers of investing solutions in the Caribbean, the Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) was clear that it wanted to test more modern digital approaches that would drive acquisition results, while also positioning the organisation as more modern and appealing to younger audiences. The campaign incorporated a unique new design style, and introduced an approach that was (and still is) at odds with many regional advertisers “disrupt-first” advertising and marketing strategy. Our ability to use inbound marketing techniques and content that had direct appeal to young persons were important factors in helping the client to achieve both its acquisition and differentiation goals.

The Results


Leads acquired


Over 35%

Views to lead conversion


Nurture email open rates (14% over standard industry rates)



Audience reach attained

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