Jamieson: Brand Engagement

Client: UPML

Identifying the Challenge

Ultra-Pharm (UPML) Ltd. is a distributor of a range of health-related products in Trinidad & Tobago. One of their flagship brands is the Jamieson line of supplements, distributed country-wide via drugstores and other select retail outlets. Ultrapharm was facing several challenges including a desire to increase awareness of key product SKUs and benefits, and drive brand awareness among select audience segments to increase customer acquisition. They also identified a specific opportunity to boost loyalty and repeat usage among existing customers as an important strategy to deal with the threat of newer competitors. The marketing team had seen sub-par recent performance across a range of sales and marketing channels, and was interested in a fresh approach.


Creating the solution

Our team worked closely with UPML to identify their immediate objectives as well as their brand’s larger business goals.  The client expressed an interest in a solution that would help drive loyalty and brand engagement, as well as provide integrated marketing that blended online and offline. The client in particular expressed interest in connecting any activities to a series of in-person events and activations conceived by the marketing leader. Our collaborative brainstorming sessions helped our team develop a strategy that combined engagement and lead generation tactics, content marketing, and digital marketing in one campaign.  The solution presented would reach and engage their targeted buyer personas, creating an informed, engaged and loyal customer base.

Integrated Marketing in Action

Our solution was implemented across a variety of channels to drive maximum engagement and reach to different audiences regardless of how they consumed media. We created written, visual and interactive video content, distributed by social media and a newly created Ultra-pharm loyalty microsite. We complemented these efforts with awareness media buying primarily delivered digitally, which complemented the brand’s advertising in traditional media. A major emphasis was also driving awareness of the in-person brand activation events around the country, where customers could get rewarded with prizes by returning empty bottles of Jamieson as proof of purchase.

The Results


Visits to microsite pages (33% higher than agreed target)



Loyalty promotion signups (more than 2x the campaign target)


Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) – over 30% higher than target



New Facebook Fans (surpassing the target of 6,350)

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