If you’re one of those persons who’s “ready to live your best life at 23”, been to Ultra Music Festival in Miami, roamed the sacred grounds of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and is widely skilled for all things relating to digital marketing, then chances are, you and our Marketing Specialist, Kyle Ng A Man got lots in common.
Within our Synapse brain room, Miami-born Kyle never fails to charge the space with what’s trending, strategic and interestingly creative. You’d probably consider hopping the next plane out to Lantau Island, Hong Kong or some other culturally rich earth spot based on what we uncovered when we asked him what fuels his creative vibe.

Keep reading to find out a couple of Kyle’s must do’s to maintain his creativity and deliver great content for our clients.

Travelling Inspires His Creativity

Fun Fact: Kyle has visited almost every Caribbean Island!

For our Marketing Specialist, it’s not just about simply being abroad; it’s all about multi-cultural immersion, adaption, and engagement that allows him to nurture his creative spark. “Being in a different country or place, you learn so many different cultures and perspectives.” There’s nothing as refreshing than throwing himself into a world not yet explored and walking away with new waves of inspiration. For him, it feeds right into his work at our agency.

According to an article published in the Atlantic, “New sounds, smells, language, tastes, sensations, and sights spark different synapses in the brain and may have the potential to revitalize the creative mind.”

Like Kyle, harness the creative benefits of international travel.

Rest and Recharge

You’ve heard it before… “Being a marketer isn’t an 8-4 job.” It’s a field that demands the “always-on” mode. Kyle shared that burnout is a reality and so rest and recharging is key to nurturing his creativity. Finding that necessary solitude period for him sometimes means a beach run or simply just securing a full eight hours of sleep. If you’re not able to travel, he suggests finding an oasis each weekend before you face the busyness that characterizes agency life.

In Kyle’s words, “ It’s really important for marketing professionals to disconnect in order to reconnect. It’s important for renewing your creative reserves.”

Two (or More) Minds Can Be Better Than One

“It’s a team thing.” This house music-loving soul underscores the power of a team in reinforcing his creative vibe. Humbly expressing his process, he shares that he leans on #TeamSynapse to strength and maximize his creative ideas. “One person may think that an idea is creative, but it’s worth getting another perspective to take that idea a lot further.”

Justifying Kyle’s need for collaboration, an article published on adobe.com shares, “There’s no doubt that creativity is accelerated when team members with unique backgrounds and experience come together.

So you’ve got what fuels our Marketing Specialist Kyle Ng A Mann’s creative vibe; Travel, Rest and Team Work.

What charges yours?

Catch Kyle’s story as a professional in the world of marketing here:

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