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Conversations: Our Consumers are Evolving: Are You Keeping Up?

Our business world is experiencing seismic shifts and it’s keeping us on our feet. The business leaders who are nimble to foresee and react to these changes are the ones who will always have the competitive advantage in their respective industries.  

We’ve been specifically keeping our eyes on our Caribbean Consumers and the way in which technology and economic pressures are impacting their behaviours. Let’s just say that they are; 

More conscientious  

More informed  

More attentive 

More connected 

More demanding 

Less loyal  

Less patient  

And they have less time. 

It appears these shifts have bewildered some marketers as they do their best to meet today’s consumer at the point of their need and desires. Perhaps you’ve been wondering, “Who is this brand-new Caribbean Consumer?” and “How have they evolved?” 

One of our co-founders and directors, Brevard Nelson connected with Republic Bank’s General Manager of Group Marketing and Communication to find out.  

Check out the conversation below: