Media Planning and Buying

With more media buying options available to marketers across channels than ever before, your brand's use of media and advertising can be a major contributor to the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Marketers today must have a strategy for media planning and buying that helps to effectively reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

It's also equally important to ensure that your media buying strategy and execution gives you the maximum level of insight into the return on your marketing investments.

We work with clients to more effectively match the right advertising medium to the specific audience and communication objectives you've outlined, and to balance your use of advertising with more organic ways of achieving communication goals.

our approach

There is absolutely a role for advertising in the modern marketing world, yet we also believe that the use of advertising and media buying must evolve.

The days of interruption-based advertising or ‘spray and pray’ approaches to media buying delivering the best results are over, which has significant implications for media plans and marketing approaches to achieve communication goals.

Media Planning and Communications Strategy

Your media plan should always reflect the objectives you have for your audiences based on finding targeted buyer personas wherever they spend time.

We emphasize media plans that seek first to deliver the right message, at the right time, using the right medium, vs plans that have large amounts of wasted spend. Our team works to build a clear understanding of your audience and communication goals, before building media plans to support them.

Where relevant, we’ll also encourage clients to consider alternate ways of achieving those goals, using storytelling and engaging content to complement media buys.

Our experience spans building media plan for Caribbean advertisers across digital channels (social media or search advertising, targeted website buys and networks) as well as targeted traditional channels including select radio, tv or print advertising.

Media Buying and Reporting

Our digital DNA and non-traditional set up is a major asset when it comes to our approach to reporting on media buys.

We’ve executed digital media buys across multiple channels on behalf of our clients, and are extremely comfortable providing detailed reports that prove efficacy of digital advertising across audiences, channel types and spend effectiveness.

When engaged on more traditional media buying projects, we also work to connect those efforts to greater insight, and can provide on integrated advertising projects enhanced insight into cross-channel attribution which is critical in the modern marketing world.

We believe that with the right plans and set-up more insights can be extracted from media buying, and we work collaboratively with clients throughout the planning and execution process to provide insights and dynamic in-game adjustments where necessary.

Contact us today to learn how we can help support your media-buying objectives.

work examples

Coors Light #RefreshforSummer Campaign
  • Creative Campaigns
  • In-Person Brand Activations
  • Content Creation & Distribution
  • Social Media
Coors Light NBA PlayOffs Campaign
  • Creative Campaigns
  • In-Person Brand Activations
  • Content Creation & Distribution
  • Social Media
Republic betheONE
  • In-Person Brand Activations
  • Inbound & Digital Strategy

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