we dream big

Our Purpose

The tiny Caribbean region has amazing potential that to be fulfilled must be harnessed correctly. Over the course of academic and professional careers in non-regional environments, we’ve often come across people who positively associate the Caribbean with sun, sand, and relaxed, friendly people. Yet those same people typically do not associate the Caribbean with producing hard-charging business innovators who get stuff done.

Our region’s world-beaters are normally expected to be our athletes and artists, but at Caribbean Ideas Synapse we have a more expansive vision! We envision a world where Caribbean brands and professionals blend our natural potential with customer-focus, technology and marketing savvy, to also be impactful, world-beaters.

Our mission is to be a catalyst that helps Caribbean organizations and leaders build more successful and impactful businesses in today’s global, technology-driven world. We help clients to harness the power of technology and modern marketing approaches. We’re also dedicated to becoming an example ourselves, by building an indigenous agency that reaches and impacts clients beyond our shores.

Our People and Core Values

The people who work at Caribbean Ideas Synapse are people who could find work in lots of places, yet we choose this journey because we hate working in slow-paced, traditional work environments, where stuff doesn’t get done! Synapse people are never ones for slow pace, low imagination, or doing things halfway.

People who succeed at Synapse are results-focused, solution-oriented, and adaptable collaborators. We’re unafraid to be transparent and communicate our points of view, but we’re also respectful and show empathy in dealing with others. We blend a range of sales and marketing skill sets in one team, to deliver truly integrated marketing solutions for our clients and partners.