about us: we dream big

Our region has produced world-beating athletes and artists.  We believe that it's time that more of our companies and professionals do the same.

Our mission is to help Caribbean leaders and organizations blend their talent and capabilities with modern technologies and marketing approaches that enable them to build more successful businesses.

Brevard Nelson - Co-Founder & CEO

Brevard has a unique blend of marketing and corporate communications talent, web development and IT expertise, seasoned with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Before moving into entrepreneurship full time, he functioned for over 10 years in various roles within the Guardian Holdings Group, culminating as Group Corporate Communications Manager. That experience shapes his belief in ROI-driven marketing, a passion he brings to his role as co-founder and CEO of Caribbean Ideas Synapse.

He’s passionate about giving back, specifically in ways that impact Youth and develop the Caribbean, and has served in multiple roles on the executive of the St. Mary’s College Past Students’ Union and currently serving as President. He was also the founding President of the Community-based Rotaract club of St. Augustine West.

Brevard completed an Executive Education Programme at the Harvard Business School and holds a Masters Degree in International Marketing Communications from the London Metropolitan University and a Masters in Management from the ESCEM Business School in France.

Out of work Brevard also has a love of music and dance from all cultures, and can often be found with co-founder Chike Farrell at Carnival events all around the world. P.S. Ask him about Michael Jackson performances…

Chike Farrell – Co-Founder & Chairman

Chike is a 2-way marketer, straddling both the agency world and the client side. He is co-founder of Caribbean Ideas Synapse and its former CEO, playing an active role in a number of strategic initiatives for the company. Never one to go slow, he is also VP of Global Marketing for a high-growth, B2B cloud software startup SkyKick in the United States.

Born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago, Chike has over 15 years of global marketing experience, including prior roles at Ernst & Young and Microsoft.  He is an advocate of inbound marketing, digital marketing, and transmedia storytelling. Chike holds an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School, is a Trinidad & Tobago national scholar, and is (in his opinion) only slightly obsessed with all things soccer/football.

He is passionate about customer-centric, technology-infused marketing, helping SMBs grow, and developing the Caribbean into a more competitive contributor to the global economy. He is also intensely curious these days about the impact artificial intelligence will have on marketing and marketers worldwide.

Heidi Alert - Client Service Director

Heidi is our adventurous, global trekker that comes to Caribbean Ideas Synapse with roots throughout the US, Jamaica, Guyana and of course Trinidad & Tobago.

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, she started working in a family business as a teenager, going on to develop broad experience in over 15 years of professional work in sales, marketing, economic development, globalization strategies, business operations and human capital management. She’s worked in organizations both large and small, with industry experience that spans technology, telecommunications, B2B services, public-sector and time in the US Army.

At the core, Heidi is fueled with a passion for development and helping organizations to grow. In her role at Caribbean Ideas Synapse she is the guardian of our customer experience and success. She loves the scientific side of marketing, just as much as she loves working with creative teams to deliver winning experiences that drive ROI.

Heidi holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Georgetown, McDonough School of Business.

Gisselle Ramsaran - Content & Digital Engagement Manager

Gisselle leads content strategy at Caribbean Ideas Synapse, and helps our clients use content and storytelling to drive key goals throughout the customer lifecycle.  She’s a reader, writer and thinker. A creative spirit with a passion for public relations new media and advertsing in all its forms. She’s a non-conformist by nature and a strategist by design.

Quincy Ross - Creative Lead

Q as he’s affectionately known has over 20 years of agency experience with particular expertise in copywriting and all forms of creative strategy and orchestration. He is the Creative Lead at Caribbean Ideas Synapse. He’s a true creator with a passion for connecting ideas and action to tangible results. Lover of all things food, and a content and storytelling entrepreneur in his own right.

Cristal Boodram - Finance Manager

She’s our resident numbers whiz and operational dynamo. Cristal helps keep the train on the tracks as Finance Manager at Caribbean Ideas Synapse.


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